Carrot and courgette spaghetti


Main course - Romania
by Ayca Mohhamet Mustafa Fit4you (2019)
Number of people 2
Preparation 10"
Gluten-free Nut-free Vegetarian
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 courgette

For the red pesto:

  • 7 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ bunch of parsley
  • 10 cl olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Pepper
  1. Use a paring knife or mandolin slicer to make the strands of carrot and courgette spaghetti.
  2. Blanch them in boiling water and then quickly brown them in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Prepare the pesto sauce: mix the tomatoes, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper in a blender.
  4. Pour the sauce over the hot spaghetti just before to serving.

Did you know?

Carrots are a vegetable rich in carotenoids (beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin), which play an essential part in defending your body against free radicals and therefore the development of diseases. They are also an excellent source of fibre and vitamin A, B6 and K.

Carrot and courgette spaghetti

Nutritional advice

Institutul National de Sanatate Publica, Romanian National Institute of Public Health

You can also cook the courgette and carrot at a low temperature, but not for too long, so they stay crunchy.

This recipe is a fun way to get kids to eat more vegetables: turn the vegetable spaghetti into a pasta dish!